wht hell is happening to doctor who

hello people! so i have not been past much here but i have personal reason for this. so moving right along.
so i work up today with the news that doctor who will not air in 2012. i know some people have dreaded this and would confirm it to death but i would rather ask 'why?'

why is doctor who not going to air on 2012
there are three valid reasons for this that does not include the 2012 prediction that the world is going to end:

1) steven moffat is going to leave.
some fanboy and girl would love this to happen but it mihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifght not be the case seeing as moffat has not done filming yet and if he leave it may be a smooth transition to mark gatiss.
2) matt smith is going to leave
personally i don't want this to happen. i love matt smith beingthe doctor and i want to be tom baker. ,sever years as the doctor to the bitter end and for the rest of his life become typecast until he dies.
i know the BBC is broke and i also know that the 2012 Olympic is right around the corner, i think the BBC would be the official broadcaster for the Olympic games. the BCC need the more to sustain the coverage of the games and i think doctor who was made as sacrificial lamb. another point is that the games would in theory crush doctor who in the rating and also x-factor. this is one of my plausible explanation. unless NBC is the official broadcaster for the olympics.

-thank to doctor who,life and combom for the heads up

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