What will happen to Sarah Jane adventures?

 This is very left field of me as  I don’t really do actual writing rather just find stuff on you and post it here or my podcast . But sources tell me that Sarah Jane adventures will continue in its fifth series. I don’t know if my sources are credible see that it is the internet so it might be a half truth or a half lie. Due it the passing of Elisabeth Sladen one wonders the faith of the show and the future of CBBC. How can you make a show without the main character? 3 stories are done and delivered. The obvious thing to do is to show that 3 stories to the public as demand for it is really high. So we are left with 3 more stories that aren’t filmed yet. What happens now? I like making idea up. I’m a wannabe writer. I can make an good opening but I seen to be un able to finish the middle bit and the ending. But I like to make ides so here’s my idea for the next 3 stories of Sarah Jane smith

Episode 7&8

The funeral of Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is killed by a moving car and Luke is devastated. He meets the doctor and steals the tardis and tries to save Sarah Jane from her death but the doctor stops him in time and saves the day
  • ·         Guest star matt smith and David tenant

Episode 9&10

The orphan boy

With Sarah Jane gone, Luke is now an orphan. The government tries to take Luke way to a foster home. They fight and alien race and Luke becomes an emancipated minor 

Episode 10 &11

[Insert your idea for the story here.]

So that my idea for the remainder of series 5.but we have to see the obvious and know that Sarah Jane adventures will not be pick up for series 6. That would be a disservice to Sarah Jane and her fans

-ian the tour guide

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