the pandorica alliance #4: the legs, the nose, and mrs robinson

today, we talk about the impossible astronaut and why we can comment about it.
i talk people from america and talk about how gallifrey base is the armpit of fandom
and a short tribute to sarah jane plus, we welcome our new member, erin from the philippines
download it here


intro and out song:
Electrosonic by Delia derbyshire

the pandorica artist rendering
copyright BBC

sarah jane tribute:
amy's theme by murray gold
audio from doctor who, bbc news and sarah jane adventures
copyright BBC


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  2. Wow, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. How do you even consider yourselves Dr Who fans? That was the most horrible piece of audio I have ever listened to, I could do a better job if I posted a recording of me talking to myself. My Brain hurts from having listened to that CRAP!!!

  3. Cameron...grow up. I enjoy this podcast and will continue listening.